The Business of Caring-Giving Back!

The Business of Caring According to the 2008 Cone Cause Evolution Study, 85 percent of consumers say that they have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about. And nearly 80 percent would switch to a brand that supports a charity. Whether you support a cause…
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Tax time tips: How home buyers and owners can save big bucks

Hey, Homeowners! These Little-Known Tax Deductions Can Save You Thousands By Renee Morad 6:00 am ET February 23, 2016 You probably already know that owning a home comes with some sweet tax benefits, like the mortgage-interest and property-tax deductions. But did you know there’s a whole list of other homeowner-related tax breaks that you might be…
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7 tips for picking a real estate agent

Want to see through the hype to hire the best real estate agent? There are things you can do to pull back the curtain and accurately assess a real estate agent's past performance and potential success with your home, even though when it comes to choosing real estate agents, "we don't have the information that…
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